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IN 1919, THE SONS of Nelson and Ellen Story built this beautiful theatre right in the heart of our now historic downtown. But times were different back then. Today, comparable theatres across the country have closed their doors; most towns simply do not have the population and resources to support such a venue.


HERE AT THE ELLEN, insurance, utilities and mortgage annually total just over $89,000. Add maintenance, ongoing renovation, staff and production expenses for each concert, movie and event, and it’s a very pricey endeavor. Ticket sales cover about 40% of total overall costs.


THE GOOD NEWS is that there are many who believe in supporting the performing arts and all that is happening at The Ellen.  In 2005, it started with a handful of donors, people who understood the value of a community gathering place. That number of loyal patrons continues to grow every year, each with an annual membership to a program we call…Friends of The Ellen. We’ve named it after you – our audience – for without your loyal support, this building would still be shuttered, or turned into retail space or cut-up into commercial condos. And that would be a tragedy.

BY BECOMING a Friend of The Ellen, your annual tax-deductible gift will ensure that this historic showplace continues to shine — featuring the best in concerts, musicals, plays, classic movies and world-class entertainers. And if your gift is $100 or more, you’ll receive discounts and early bird e-mails, so you’ll know what’s coming and be able to secure the best seats in the house.


THANK YOU for considering contributing to this community space. It is only through your generosity that this lovely lady will remain a vibrant and vital part of historic downtown Bozeman. Your gift will guarantee that her doors stay open for a second hundred years, to enrich and entertain many generations to come.




The Ellen Theatre is a
non-profit 501 (c)(3) entity.
Any and all donations
are tax deductible.

ellen angel

In the world of theatre, people who support the arts are called Angels. This Ellen Angel is one of the original light sconce decorations. The laurel wreath on her head inspired the one that is on The Ellen logo seen on the ticket at the left. May she now inspire many more to become annual Friends of The Ellen and support one of Bozeman’s most beloved landmarks.


for contributions of $100.00 to $249.00

for contributions of $250.00 to $499.00

for contributions of $500.00 to $999.00

for contributions of $1,000.00 to 4,999.00

for contributions of $5,000.00 and above

Of course, we know that not everyone is in a position to donate $100. Any amount is appreciated and every dollar counts.

To become a Friend of The Ellen,
please CLICK HERE.