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Employment & Volunteer


Job Opportunities

Job opportunities such as box office, concession or technical staff become available throughout the year. You are more than welcome to submit your resume and/or contact the Managing Director.




VOLUNTEERS PLAY an important role in the success of The Ellen Theatre and there are many ways in which you can become involved. Are you interested in ushering or perhaps sewing costumes? How about working backstage or painting a set for a show?


THE TRUE ESSENCE of a community performing arts space is the involvement of people from the community - namely you! Just let us know in what areas you are interested and someone will be in contact. Please note that because of insurance purposes, you must be at least 18 years of age to be a volunteer at The Ellen.

1922 Ellen Theatre.jpg

Circa - 1922

Abstract Lights

Less than twenty years after opening, the canopy seen above was replaced with a “modern Art Deco” marquee. This 1938 photo shows a center door, entrance to a candy store occupying the west side of the current lobby. The east end of the façade featured the box office and double door entrance to the theatre.

On the bill – Robert Taylor and Maureen O’Sullivan in

A Yank at Oxford, news of the day, and Audioscopiks, MGM’s first ever movie in 3-D. All this for only 25 cents!

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